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    The inspiring, heartbreaking and true story of the 42 climbers that risked their lives to stand in the space of an educated future for all. Faced with several obstacles in their attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro on Nelson Mandela Day: will they succeed in honouring Madiba's legacy by reaching Africa's highest peak?





    There are more than two million girls in South Africa that do not have access to adequate feminine care and therefor miss up to fifty days of school every year. Caring4Girls is a programme that distributes sanitary pads to make sure that young girls can go to school during their menstrual period. The programme focuses on creating awareness about puberty and adolescence, and, in the process, demystify all menstrual myths.


    Evolve Media founder Cecile Raubenheimer serves as ambassador

    for the Trek4Mandela expedition that supports the Caring4Girls initiative

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    CAUSE: Keeping girls educated & empowered in South Africa

    Support the education of young girls by raising awareness about the menstrual challenges young girls face in Southern Africa, donating to the Caring4Girls Initiative, sharing on social media and discussing the issue with family and friends.

  • Get to Know Cecile

    Cecile Raubenheimer is an experienced television host, travel consultant and activist.


    The daughter of a South African diplomat, her deep rooted desire to connect, enthusiasm for travel and discovering new cultures has been nurtured since birth. Her career as a television host & travel consultant have led her to over fifty countries.

    She discovered her purpose as a storyteller and committed to using her voice to raise awareness for causes and conversations that matter in an inspiring, entertaining and uplifting manner.


    She is passionate about empowering others to break through their limitations and evolve in the process.


    For more travel tales be sure to follow Cecile on Instagram @CecileRaubs and Facebook and Google+


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